The Benefits Of The Kingdom

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So, if your finances are upset, you need to maybe God wants you to vomit something out here tonight in the spirit. $50.00 check, $5.00 check all right, I’ll receive them both, yes ma’am I’ll receive it, $50.00, I 'll receive it. Now, now, write discovering by revelation that all of the benefits of the kingdom is on the inside of you ready to manifest on the outside of you, that don’t sound too deep, but let me say it again. That don’t sound too deep, but that is one of the deepest things you have ever heard, listen, discovering by revelation, that’s a $50.00 check, that all of the benefits of the kingdom, including wealth, prosperity and increase is on the inside of you. If that is true, you already wealth and prosper, you don’t know …show more content…

It comes by revelation, faith and obedience. He is on the inside of you. The good Lord is on the inside of me. Lord is on the inside of me. I told you about [inaudible] [00:54:42] turn to Matthew 13 quickly, Matthew 13, oh my goodness, hallelujah, I said hallelujah; if you can 't say hallelujah you don’t need no money, hallelujah. You see the kind of prosperity, listen very close; you want to write this, the kind of prosperity we are talking about, does not come by accomplishment or achievement it comes by entrustment. You did hear, see you don’t understand, see, this prosperity does not come by you achieving it or by you accomplishing it, it comes by entrustment, in other words, can I trust you with it. Will you help somebody, that’s a good check, a $50.00, would you help somebody, when you start crossing the ten thousand mark and the fifty thousand mark and the one hundred thousand mark. You know, I thank God, they talk about the million man march, but I 'd like someone body of Christ to walk to me in dollar march. It’s a good march. Many millions ago, I found out how I feel and I can help the gospel, go to places it wasn’t able to go. One of these nights I think I 'm going to talk about large money, tomorrow night and using large money against the gospel. God 's looking for a distribution center that had large money to work the gospel. Got any volunteers? Be there tomorrow night, we are going to take you

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