The Benefits Of Zoos

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Have you ever had fun at a zoo, but wondered if it is right to keep so many wild animals away from the wild? Many people have had these questions going through their head because other people believe that zoos should be made illegal. They assume that they are keeping the animals as hostage for people entertainment and money. However, that’s not the case. Zoos have become homes to the animals because they are made sure they are all feed and cleaned. Zoos are not just made for people’s entertainment. They are meant to prevent animals from being extinct, is an essential childhood experience, and zoos can be educational. Zoos are a great way to keep wild animals from extinction. A large number of animals that are in zoos come from places where they have been mistreated or hurt. For example, in other countries the elephants are always hunted, and have their tusk cut off. Zoo keepers make sure the animal is well taken care and provide a home so they will not be hunted down by people or killed by other animals. For example, this year the Oklahoma City zoo announced that two endangered animals became pregnant. It was an Asian elephant and a western lowland gorilla. Without zoos this would not have been possible, and many of the animals we hear about today could have been extinct. If zoos were banned, we would have not have the chance to see them and have that experience of visiting a zoo. Zoos have always been a childhood experience for everyone. Parents have taken their kids to

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