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The Advantages of Cloning

People often question whether or not cloning is morally acceptable in our society, and also if it is worth all the money that we spend on research for cloning. It is hard to believe that not to long ago many people believed that joining a sperm and an egg in a test tube was considered to be morally wrong. It is now used by millions of doctors around the world. Cloning is at the beginning stages of being considered morally unacceptable and will soon move to be just like in-vitro fertilization. Soon everyone will understand the benefits of cloning in agriculture, medicine, and social parenthood. It is quite obvious that cloning has many social, agricultural, and medical benefits which …show more content…

Cloning will also greatly help out the medical field. Cloning can be used to clone body parts to help heal the terminally ill is just one of the many possibilities that scientists are excited about. Considering that organ donors are very rare, cloning could be a new way to help out a great number of people. Experience gained in cloning will add to our understanding of genetics and could lead to the creation of animal organs that have been genetically altered so that they can be transplanted in humans. Currently, the uses of cloning look endless, it defies the imagination what effects cloning would have in the medical field. Along with agricultural and medical use, cloning will have a positive and dramatic effect on society. A heterosexual couple, in which the husband was sterile, could use adult DNA cloning to produce a child. An ovum from the woman would be coupled with a cell from the manÕs body. The woman would provide the factory; the man would provide the genetic information, thus both would contribute to the child. In this same way, two lesbians could elect to have a child by adult DNA cloning rather than by artificial insemination of a man's sperm. Each would then contribute part of her body to the fertilized ovum; one woman would give the ovum, the other woman the DNA. Many people would believe that it is morally wrong for two lesbians to have a baby, but in

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