Maintaining A Time Log Essay

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One of the most effective and efficient ways to get the fullest out of your day is to maintain a time journal or a timetable. Once you get into the habit of preparing a time log, you would understand that it is not at all time consuming. On the contrary, it is an easy and an enjoyable task. You would get so attached to your time log that you would blame yourself for not having made one before! At first, it may seem to be a monotonous task which takes a lot of time. Also, a lot of frequent changes would make the time log seem clumsy. First time users may get such negative feelings about keeping a time log. This is all because they are not used to be maintaining one yet. You can use some very creative templates to design your time log. One of the most popular ways is creating a tabular structure. This table is generally formed on weekly basis and is quite similar to a school timetable. You can write days in horizontal rows and time slots in vertical columns. This way you would create a table with boxes which you can allot to specific tasks. Nowadays certain applications have been developed for phones, tablets I pads etc which enable you to easily maintain a time log. You can also fix alarms or reminders with a note about the work. Also, a time log can be easily prepared in MS Excel!! You must remember that time is not an exact way to measure your effectiveness. Remember that it is the work done that counts and not the time that you devote to it. Devote time to each task

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