The Benefits of the Medicinal Cannabis Plant

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Typically when someone hears about the legalization of medicinal cannabis they only see the benefits derived from the ‘buds’ rather than the whole plant. Although the plant that has been around since ancient times for its many uses is finally being looked at differently. However, we are going to go deeper into what this simple plant could do for us and how it could save our world for the better. Naturally your body already makes a chemical that is like marijuana- it effects pain, inflammation and many other processes. “The use of medicinal marijuana can help those natural chemicals work better,” says Laura Borgelt Phar.D., of the University of Colorado.
Hemp and Marijuana both derive from the same plant-Cannabis.
Hemp is able to make thousands of products; the fibers in hemp are the strongest and last the longest. Homes could be built and naturally insulated with hemp, thus reducing or completely cutting out heating cost- saving us money on bills. Hemp can also give us oil, paper and medicine. Hemp clothed American soldiers during the Revolutionary war, the sails that pushed our ships on the path to the colonies were even made from hemp and the fuel in Henry Fords Model-T was made from hemp. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp and were puzzled over the best ways to process the fibers for clothing and rope. In 1619 the Crown ordered the colonists at Jamestown to grow hemp to satisfy England’s enormous demands for maritime ropes. Jefferson even invented a device

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