The Bennett Place Farmhouse And Discovered The History

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American History never seemed interesting to me, especially when I was asked to choose an informative historic sighting. Many sites did not call my attention nor appeared to suit my interest, that is until I researched the The Bennett Place Farmhouse and discovered the history that hides behind this simple farmhouse. Fascinated by my trip, my perspective opened up to a variety of views and ideas about the battles and surrenders that resulted from the Civil War. The history of the site, the valuables and sighting, and my reflection towards the Bennett Place Historic Site all contributed to my understanding of the many surrenders that occurred during the great Civil War .
The Bennett Place farmhouse, at the time of 1846, was occupied by the …show more content…

Johnston disobeyed orders and met Sherman again at the Bennett farm on April 26 which resulted in another meeting. On the final meeting, the Confederate forces became completely disbanded. The military surrender which ended the war in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida, and involved 89,270 soldier. Of all the meetings and compromises between General Joseph E. Johnston and General William T. Sherman, each contributed to largest surrender of Confederate soldiers that terminated the American Civil War, on April 26, 1865.
The history hidden behind the Bennett Place Historic site reveals itself once you set foot on the grass and enter the room of history treasures and valuables Once I arrived to the sighting there was a visual representation of General Joseph E. Johnston and General William T. Sherman portrayed beside the big bolded words that marked “Bennett Place Visitor Center Entrance”. My family and I walked in and noticed the tour began with souvenirs from a small store. One side of the store having souvenirs of the Union and the other side having souvenirs of the Confederates. Books, american flags, confederate and unions hats, and shirts were all displayed in a arciach way. As if the store wanted us to not only see history but feel the history and feel as if everyone were in that time era. As we walked along there was a slightly dark room, this is where the fun began. What first

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