The Best Man Gets the Win

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The Best Man Gets the Win Once upon a time in the middle of fall, leaves were falling from the trees like feathers. Bruce, a golden colored wolf, sat on a rock looking at the city below him. Hoping that maybe this year would be the year he can prove himself worthy to Panthera, the Queen of Sundham. Her old companion recently past and, it is time for a replacement. To take on such a position, one must a pass rigorous task, which will test your strengths. The winner will be Panthera’s husband Bruce will be her new husband.
The day is finally upon us Bruce put on his best clothes, and walked to the castle where he will face his opponent. Finally making it to the castle Bruce sees Griffin the massive lion he will be facing in his challenge. Griffin walks to Bruce with his great canine teeth and says, “ You should go home now before I make a fool out of you!” Bruce towering over the lion replies “ When you see me standing in arms with Queen Panthera, then you will see who is really the fool.” Griffin bumps into Bruce and his smile slides off his face as he slowly walks. Griffin and Bruce both lined up at the courtyard, everybody roaring to the tops of their lungs, following after is silence, a silence that can only means the Queen’s arrival. Walking gracefully to the microphone a green cat eyes jaguar appeared to wear a red dress with a sheath on her waist. With one big gulp of air Panthera announces “ Hello my fellow citizens, you can only imagine how dreadful I have been

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