The Best Things In Life Are Not Free

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In this paper, a person will read about how most people believe that the best things in life are free, when in fact they are not. Instead, the best things in life require people work hard in order to be rewarding, and because of that are definitely not free.

The Best Things in Life Are Definitely Not Free
“The Best Things in Life Are Free,” a popular song by Ray Henderson, and a quote that many people live by. Although this belief seems fitting, it most certainly is not true. For example, American freedom comes at a high cost. Also, one’s health can sometimes be pricey, along with one’s drive to further his or her education. The best things in life are definitely not free but can be very rewarding for those who work for them.

First, freedom is certainly not “free,” such as, all the men and women currently in Afghanistan who risk their lives every day to fight to secure American freedom. They leave their homes and families with the uncertainty of never returning home. Also, the greatest freedom Christians have today is the freedom from the penalty for sin which is death. Jesus paid the ultimate price by dying on the cross for the sins of the world. Due to this, those who believe in Him have the ability to choose where they spend eternity. America’s capability to walk, talk, worship, and live how they choose is so often looked past as free, but many people, including Jesus and American soldiers, paid the ultimate price, so people have the reward of freedom that

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