The Better For The Natural Resources

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The Better for the Natural Resources

Jaylenne Vallejo
Environmental Science
John Daciuk
Montebello High School
2100 West Cleveland Ave. Montebello, CA 90640
(323) 887-7848

As the days go by the technology of the world advances too. We sit back as people present to us these new inventions to improve our environment. Do you ever think back the materials and supplies you use for your personal needs? Over consumption of natural resources is huge problem in our world. With the new technological advances there are alternative ways to meet these needs. As I sit in my environmental science class, we discuss what natural resources are being over consumed not for our needs anymore, but for our wants.
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Our consumption patterns can be measured by our social status and acceptance. The bigger the pressures upon a person to conform to safe and accepted social standards, the more they end up expressing their aspirations and their individuality in terms of what they wear, drive, eats, what they call home, their pattern of food serving, their hobbies". My invention is a bracelet that one wears on a daily basis that keeps tracks of the consumption of natural resources. This monitoring bracelet will help many become aware of the over use of natural resources that they use in their everyday lives that they do not need. For example we use a calorimeter, multi-meter, gas chromatograph and mass-spectrometer. Each of these measure a different natural resource.

As you look around where you are sitting, think about how many do not recycle at home and how many leave the water running while they brush their teeth. Over consumption of natural resources do not come into mind when you are using the significant resources that are slowly being unavailable to us. In California, the third largest state of the United States of America, we have been in a drought for four or more years, although government has made announcements, sent out notices, set laws/restrictions, and made commercials to show on television. The state of California is over populated and people are not really aware of what is going. Riverbanks that would usually be filled up with water, about to
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