The Between Public And Private Prisons

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What makes America great? The quality of life, the unprecedented opportunities and the substantial liberties among other factors. However, every rock endures its cracks and crevices. In this case, the justice system is known for its particular defectiveness. Being governed by humans, there –nevertheless— exists an imbalance due to the natural imperfections of the mind. One particular subject matter is the deliberate breaking of moral standards surrounding the prison system. Specifically, the private prison sector. These private prison corporations indulge in uncommon for-profit business practices to strategically maximize their yields in undisclosed manners. An obvious lack of transparency. So, could their practices be so vile for the need of media suppression? In this sector there exists no hesitation before taking immoral routes to meet financial goals. This analytical paper will uncover methods in use for their financial gain, and will address the morality of the issue. Before understanding the structure of private prisons, one must acknowledge the differences between public and private prisons. “A state prison is a prison operated and maintained by a state and used to confine and rehabilitate criminals. In most cases, the state prison is funded by state tax money” (source 9). Public prisons are usually non-profit based and ran entirely by the government. They make an effort to reintegrate prisoners and provide satisfactory housing conditions. Whereas, Private…
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