The Between Public And Private Prisons

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What makes America great? The quality of life, the unprecedented opportunities and the substantial liberties among other factors. However, every rock endures its cracks and crevices. In this case, the justice system is known for its particular defectiveness. Being governed by humans, there –nevertheless— exists an imbalance due to the natural imperfections of the mind. One particular subject matter is the deliberate breaking of moral standards surrounding the prison system. Specifically, the private prison sector. These private prison corporations indulge in uncommon for-profit business practices to strategically maximize their yields in undisclosed manners. An obvious lack of transparency. So, could their practices be so vile for the…show more content…
The government’s only contribution to private prisons is to translate the prisoners, and nothing more (source 9). The main difference is that the main goal of private prisons is to gain financially. The way in which private prisons operate is shyly recognized by the general public. Even less, the forms in which they profit. Profits are saturated through mass incarceration and exaggerated terms of imprisonment, both aided by ambitious lobbying efforts. The form in which private prisons profit is straightforward and seems harmless. However, it is the reaches which these corporations take that are entirely unscrupulous. Private prisons form contracts with the government by which they receive a per diem per prisoner given by its corresponding state. ”Let’s suppose that it costs $100 per day to house a prisoner, and the prison building can hold 1,000 inmates. A private prison can offer their services to the government and charge $150 per day per prisoner” (source 9). So the name of the game is saving money. The less that a facility is to spend results in a greater profit output. However, private prisons are going as far as neglecting the health of the prisoners, for marginal gains. Most of the private prisons provide little to no health care. The Private Prison of Arizona was once filed a lawsuit after the inhabitants were completely disregarded. An inmate who
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