The Bianca Monologue

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On a quiet day, long ago, a young girl sat in the field where her father worked. Bianca’s hair was long, dark, and coarse complementing her caramel skin. She sat, eyes closed, taking in the warm June day. The corn, the air and the soft songs that the workers sang in the fields made Bianca smile. “Bianca! cariño! It is time to go Bianca! Andale! ” yells her father from across the fields. She rises to her feet, brushes the red, clay dust off of her shawl, and begins to walk home. She walks hand in hand with her father as the sunset in Veracruz, Mexico sets. As they approach their humble home, the smell of enchiladas and frijoles wash over them. The savory aroma entrances Bianca and her father and as if it were planned a faint “Mmmmmmmm” slips between both of their lips under their breath. …show more content…

Together they sang a song known all over their country. They sang loud, and with pride for some greater force couldn't help but here their desperate cry for help. As the solemn song drew to a close, the people heard a big, treacherous, man's voice boom from above. “A young girl will fall as the crop falls. Once she has found true love she will be replenish her and as will the hearty crop!” Thunderous cheering roared through the church along with tears of joy. The elders gathered all of the young ladies in the village and kept them together to keep watch over. Bianca felt out of place. It surely could not be her the voice was referring to. She was just a humble girl and her family needed her. As Bianca began to leave she became light headed and fell over. She was the one the man had prophesied. The elders rushed over lifting her towards the gods. As she weakened, so did the crops. The village waited patiently for a young man to arrive with the love to heal Bianca and the wheat crop. In the late months of the year a horse’s load gallop was heard throughout the village. Men and women alike fleeing their homes to see. To their delight, they

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