The Big Apple Can Be Rough At Times

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Stand Strong Leila

Growing up in the Big Apple can be rough at times; especially for 17 year old Leila Ashford. Leila’s mom died when she was 10. She now lives in a tiny apartment with her father. Her father works in a big business and barely has time for Leila. When her mom was still alive, Leila was enrolled in a dance class; she was momma’s little ballerina. Ballet was Leila’s biggest dream. After her mom died, her dad got really upset and quit his job. Ever since, there hasn’t been any extra money for Leila to reapply, but she didn’t let that stop her. Everyday after school, Leila would go out onto the patio and dance until sunset. She was determined to be a professional dancer some day.
Instead of being outgoing, like most of the students at her school, Leila was quiet and shy. She didn’t have any friends because she devoted all her time to dancing. All of her teachers tried to persuade her to join different clubs, but none of them interested her. Finally a teacher confronted her and asked her what she liked to do.
“I like to dance.” Leila replied.
The teacher mentioned Leila’s old dance studio and she ran away crying. That night she missed her dance studio more than ever.
Senior Year
When Leila went back to school for her final year of high school she saw that construction had been done over the summer. When she walked past the gym, she saw a door with a pair of plaster ballet shoes mounted above it. A familiar smile crossed her face. She might be able to go back

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