The Biggest Stressor In A Family’S Experience Is A Death.

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The biggest stressor in a family’s experience is a death. Stress levels can be different if deaths are sudden or even if the death was known to be coming. Also, at different ages the stressors of a death in the family can differ greatly. The experiences of a death of a child, death of a sibling, death of a parent, and/or death of a spouse/partner all have similarities and differences.
Death of a Child The death of a child in a family can have different meanings depending on the family. With the death of a child, one concludes the child as young, school age or younger. Nevertheless, an older family may lose their child, but their child is not young. Hence, most say there is nothing worse than a death of a child. Moreover, a child has just …show more content…

(Wilmoth, 2009) Whereas, in the death of a child, sibling, parent, and spouse/partner each of these stressors has the same resources available to them. A few of these resources are: therapy, a support network, and even their religion. Next, the C factor in the ABC-X Model is how each family handles the stressor of death in their family. The C factor in this model is where the contrast is between these occurrences. It has always puzzled observers that some families ride out the vicissitudes of floods and disasters without apparent disorganization, whereas most families are at least temporarily paralyzed by such catastrophes. The key appears to be at the “meaning” dimension. Stressors become crises in line with the definition the family makes of the event. (Wilmoth, 2009) In society in general the death of a child, sibling, parent, and a spouse/partner hold a different meaning, one death is not equal to all. Such as, a child’s death is harder to cope with, because they were young and did not get a chance to live their life, parents are not supposed to outlive their children. Whereas, the death of a sibling is not as concerning in today’s society, there is more emphasis put on the parents of the lost life than the siblings of it. However, the death of a parent in society is

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