The Bill Of Rights Of The American Nation

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Virginia 's document ultimately influenced the Bill of Rights being created for the federation as a whole, rather than state by state. In December 1791, James Madison introduced the Bill of Rights. The Founding Father 's took to the Magna Carta as a historical precedent, after the Parliament adopted their own Bill of Rights in 1689. Some of these rights written by the Parliament can be seen in America 's Bill of Rights, such as: due process of law, unlawful imprisonment, and the ban on excessive bail (2*). The Bill of Rights outlines ten amendments, all which are still the backbone of the American nation. Throughout the years, many have attempted to alter or completely banish different Amendments, but they have all held strong after more than two hundred years. The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of press. It also allows the freedom to petition, and freedom to peacefully assemble (2*). The First Amendment can be seen as the most important; something almost all American 's know as their true right, and it is still put to the test in daily life of the twenty-first century. Protecting one 's speech allows freedom of expression, and identity. It gives American 's the opportunity to be individualized, and unique. Freedom of religion has allowed over three-hundred different denominations to be practiced in this country, and the freedom of the press allows American 's to share their stories and opinions with the country. Without

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