The Bill to Legaliza Marijuana Around the United States Essay

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Representative John(yuyuan) Ruan introduced to the following bill, which was referred to the Committee on
A Bill
Section 1: This Bill will legalize marijuana around the United States to meet the public’s demand and allow the government full control of marijuana consumption and business.

Section 2: The Congress hereby finds and declares… There has not been reported of any death case related to marijuana usage and overdose. Marijuana, called cannabis, is widely known around the nation and has spread through each street and alley. It can be legalized like other drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. It contains THC which can make people feel relaxed and high. When marijuana is legalized, it will allow the …show more content…

Marijuana does not sound as harmful as people have said it, and it’s misleading the public. For example, the U.S federal government data has shown that the average THC in marijuana is less than five percent. Compare to Alcohol and tobacco, Marijuana does not cause strong addiction, cancer, heart problems, birth defect, emphysema, liver damages and ect. A recent 2009 populations case-control study found marijuana smoker that had smoked for over a 20 years period of time has shown a reduced risk of head and neck cancer. Without the effects of marijuana, the consumer is free from all memory issues but only cause short-term memory while under the influence of marijuana. Marijuana can reduce respiratory health hazard or spread of second hand smoking, since it can be consumed in non-smoking way and still have the same effect. Non-smoking hazard ways include using it as a spice for baking, flavor for drinking and etc. According to a 1997 UCLA school of Medicine study, volume 155 of the American Journal of Respiratory of Critical care Medicine, stated that both the continuing or the intermittent marijuana smoker showed any significantly different rates decline in lung function as compared to non-smoker. If marijuana were legalized, it will reduces health care cost by accidental injection of unsafe drug usage and reduce the possibility of overdose.

Marijuana is a cash crop and will be taxed to

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