Essay on The Fight to Legalize Marijuana

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The Fight to Legalize Marijuana
Marijuana is probably the most recreational and illegal drug in the world. The most significant ingredient is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinal, it is commonly referred to it abbreviated form THC. This drug should not be legalized because it would lead to hard core drugs, there would be an increase in obesity, and it affects the heart, lungs and the brain. There are legal, social, and medical reasons that marijuana should not be decriminalized.
Some legal reasons that marijuana shouldn’t be decriminalized are it would lead to experimenting with more hard core drugs such as heroin and cocaine. It will also increase in crime and car accidents because it would be harder to determine if a person is driving high …show more content…

Some medical reasons that marijuana shouldn’t be decriminalized are that it has long and short terms effects. Examples of the short term outcomes include memory loss, difficulty with thinking, loss of motor skills and increased heart rate. According to the National Institutes of Health show that someone smoking about five joints per week is taking in as many cancer causing chemicals as someone smoking a pack of cigarettes every day. There is no science proof that smoked marijuana can be used for medication. Since cannabis plants are polluted with a range of fungal spores, smoking marijuana may increase the risk of infectious organisms. Taradiff, J. "Marijuana and the War on Drugs. “Marijuana. Farmington Hills, Michigan: Thomas Gale, 2008. 157. Print.
The Drug Enforcement Administration situations on fighting to legalize “medical” marijuana are based on two proposals: the scientific field views marijuana as a treatment while the DEA targets sick and dying people using the drug. Neither suggestion is true, science proved it is not medicine and it is not safe to use. The DEA targets on criminal trafficking and not the sick and dying. In 1970 congress authorized laws against marijuana based on that there is no logically proven medical value. Like the Food and Drug Administration, which is responsible for authorizing drugs safe an effective medicine has declined to approve smoked marijuana for any circumstance or disease.
The negative impacts of

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