The Birds Character Analysis

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After The Birds Hitchcock ended his horror movies and made a film called Marnie. He ended his famous three Vertigo, North by Northwest, and Psycho and then made the Birds, which had a woman who had some inner problems but could function. To Marnie which is Hitchcock first film and the first ever film to have a main character who is completely broken and a leading man who is almost a villain and could be villains or jerks in another film and make them your lead. You have Marnie who creates fake identities to become a secretary in companies and then steal from them. She has a deep fear of commitment to people, and her lack of confidence in herself so she pretends to be someone else. She shows this lack of confidence in a belief in herself by her constant changing of names and inability to stay in a job for long even though she can do the work. Though where I see this woman, who is like a kid inside, is in her interactions with her mother. Marnie is like a child wanting her mother to love her, that seeing her mother with the neighbor girl makes her jealous and feel insignificant, as she says in the film “momma what wrong with me, why won’t you look at me”. Marnie is stuck in the past and unable to move forward as a woman. Marnie also has a deep fear of thunder, and the color red, and the biggest things about her that is odd for a leading lady as she can’t stand the touch of a man. Hitchcock creates this interesting character that is broken and fragile, but the hardest part is

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