The Birth Of A Nation Essay

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When I was watching the documentary “the 13th and seeing everybody view on the War on Drugs a movement, had me questing if the War on Drugs law were Racially Motivated by President Nixon? Many people believe that the War on Drugs was literally a war on Blacks. In 1865 the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was pass. The amendment made it unconstitutional for someone to be held as a slave. AKA it grants freedom for all Americans. Except criminals, but here the problem after slave was ended African Americans had nowhere to go and could not get jobs because they was uneducated. African Americans were arrested in masse, they were for extremely minor crimes like loitering or vagrancy. People who were arrested was treated like slave ever after the …show more content…

White supremacy called black criminals “nagro out of control” than the movie “The Birth of a Nation” come out that show black man as bad people. The president at the time Woodrow Wilson had screening of the film and calls it “History Written with Lightning” (Wilson). The film describes black as animal like and cannibalistic and as threat to white women as rapists. After the film come out it made the Ku Klux Klan mobs popular and then they members of the KKK started to murdered African Americans. Because of that of many African Americans was trauma, that when moving to different states like Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, Cleveland and New York I thing because they might have think that getting out of the south was better for their survival. Because they were underappreciated in their communities. When watching the documentary I believe that African Americans didn’t do drugs for fun and I think they did it in way to make money to help take care of their self and their family and some may have done drugs to escape from the terror they were going through in the hands of the KKK and white supremacy who did not like back people. In this essay I will be discuss how the war on drugs movement impacted the African American communities and I will also be giving my reaction to topic using two

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