The Birth Story Of Jesus And Interpreting It Today

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The concept of a virginal birth could seem possible or probable with the advancement of modern technology allowing women who wish to conceive a child the option of undergoing In Vitro Fertilization to have a child without a male partner or need for sexual intercourse today. However, it is perplexing how Mary, the mother of Jesus, miraculously conceived and bore a child as a virgin. On the surface it may seem that it can simply be explained as a one time, divine intervention by God, yet the details surrounding how this phenomenon occurred becomes much more complex after delving into the accounts of this event in the books of Matthew and Luke. There are many issues surrounding who and what the virgin Mary was in regards to her origins and the term virgin used to describe her. Also, how this event manifested, the role Joseph played in this story, are important for unraveling the birth story of Jesus and interpreting it today. I believe that it is reasonable to assume that Jesus was conceived miraculously or supernaturally by a virgin female named Mary, and was naturally born in this world. To have a better understanding of the virginal conception it is important to have background information on the main characters involved, Mary and Joseph. The Proto-Gospel, an apostolic writing by Jesus’ half brother James, offers an omniscient perspective of Mary’s origin and upbringing through the birth of Jesus. This gives an important background for understanding the Matthew and…
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