The Worldview I Studied Is The Way International

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The worldview I studied is The Way International. This society is a teaching and Bible research ministry founded in 1942 by Victor Paul Wierville. It is an international society that draws it’s membership from countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, Argentina, Chile, Democratic Republic of Congo and other parts of the world. The headquarters of this ministry is located in New Knoxville, Ohio. The teaching of The Way International is based on the second book of Peter chapter one, reading from the twentieth verse (2 Peter 1:20). It reads from the King James Version as, “Knowing this first that, no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation”. (…show more content…
To buttress this, Matthew confirmed that the virgin was found to be with a child through the Holy Spirit (Matt. 1:18). In fact there are several incidences that took place which cannot make the virgin birth of Jesus untrue. Isaiah prophesized long time ago about this birth, Joseph planned to secretly end the relationship with Mary but the Angel spoke to him not to, Herod tried to kill baby Jesus because of how great He was going to be but he could not, some wise men (shepherds) were told about this child, Simon was told not to taste death until he sees this child and all this came to pass.
Secondly, the belief and practice of teaching how to speak in tongues and believing it is a requirement for one to be saved is unbiblical. There is only one way by which people could be saved and that is by believing in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Paul and Silas were incarcerated, at midnight they sung melodious hymns and prayed while the prisoners were looking at them. Suddenly there was a strong earthquake which shook the walls of the prison. Immediately, the doors opened and their chains got broken. When the jailor saw that the prison doors had opened, he drew his sword to kill himself thinking that the prisoners had fled in other to avert been punished. Paul called him in a loud voice and told him not to kill himself as none of the prisoners have fled. The jailer
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