The Birthmark Summary

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1- Plot The story begins with Aylmer asking Georgiana if she had ever thought to remove her birthmark. Upon her answering that she had always thought it to be endearing, as her other suitors had always made it appear that way, Aylmer insists it is ruining her perfection. The pivotal moment is when Georgiana asks about the dream Aylmer had the night before. After the description of his dream that we see how prideful Aylmer is. Though he feels guilty for dreaming of cutting the mark out with a knife and only then was he made "aware of the tyrannizing influence acquired by one idea over his mind", this clarity does not keep him from being determined that he can and must remove her birthmark. We see how prideful he is in his work as he tells Georgiana …show more content…

However, because he is so prideful in his motives he fails to see that his actions are more damaging than helpful. His pride is his fatal flaw and through the entire story we are given examples of the wisdom and spiritual enlightenment he has received, yet ignores. The best example is when he tells Georgiana that "a philosopher who should go deep enough to acquire the power would attain too lofty a wisdom to stoop to the exercise of it." This shows he fails to recognize that he is the one with the power, in this instance to create a potion powerful enough to get rid of the birthmark. It also shows that he ignores the fact that he has the wisdom enough to know he should not try and correct Nature. The other important character is Georgiana, who begins as a confident character who sees no issue with her birthmark. She is crucial to the changes that happen in Aylmer because instead of standing up for herself and defending her birthmark, she gives in to his cruel words and begins to believe the horrible things he say. If she had not been so passive and had not let him prey on her insecurities, perhaps she could have stopped him creating the poison that eventually lead to her

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