The Birthmark as a Symbol

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The Birthmark as a Symbol

In Nathaniel Hawthorne 's, The Birthmark, the symbolism is quite evident of the birthmarks upon Georgiana 's face. It represents Aylmer 's struggles with nature and science, through his repeated attempts of the removal of it. This clash between science and nature illustrates the concept of man versus woman, through the femininity of nature and the masculine traits of the world of science.

Throughout the story, nature is portrayed as feminine and is even present through Georgiana. This is in the same way how science is show as masculine and symbolized through Aylmer. The conflicts between science and nature are symbolic of man 's need to control women. Eckstein say, "modern science is basically a masculine …show more content…

That, perfection, is not what Nature intended, and the only way to achieve perfection was not going to be easy. Georgiana, with the birthmark, says in Nature 's defense, "It is terrible to possess such power or even to dream of possessing it" (p34). It is almost as though she is speaking for and possibly being one with Nature. She does not wish to rid herself of her imperfection. This is also one way in which her being symbolic of nature, and thus creating the suggestion that Nature is

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