The Black, And Curly

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Dark, matted hair spiraled from his head into several gelled angles, almost hiding his closed eyes. His lashes were an unnatural black, and curly, but not quite feminine. A small stubble showed that he was in need of a shave. His skin was a soft mocha color while his cloths blared in a difficult contrast. He was obviously in a struggle when it all happened, but his face seemed unharmed. The cuffs of his collared shirt were ripped off, revealing scars and bruises. He couldn’t have been any older than a high school student.

Kile felt slightly intimidated by his looks. No more being the most handsome. Wait, that was stupid! He is kidnapped, this kid is kidnapped, now this guy! And what does he do? Worry that he isn’t the pretty boy that he had clung on to for most of his life. Now he just felt bad. Kile’s almost illuminating eyes watched Vincent as he too, was fairly curious of this new kidnap-ie. If that was even a “thing”.

The one responsible for all this kidnapping stood back and watched them with crossed arms and his back against a near by wall. His new special was certainly a different one. He found him most intriguing. Obviously the young man had Latino origins of sort, but he didn’t sound it. When he lashed out, the kidnapper couldn’t help but to be reminded of his father. A thick, low, and almost always angry Irish accent. How much he hated that man before made it all slightly funny to the man, that now that man could be even the slightest

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