The Black And Female Community

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A discourse community is something we all are a part of in some way or another, whether we are aware of not. Being that I am young, black and female, I automatically belong to three common discourse communities. I am most proud to be a part of the black and female community because in today’s society, a black female is the least desired, least respected, and least appreciated species. (Kane, 2014) Nonetheless, it is time we start desiring, respecting, and appreciating ourselves. I am proud to be a black female because we are the backbone to most movements and revolution; we stand empowered and put our lives on the line for our loved ones. Black women come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and colors, therefore there is no set “dress code” to being black but simply being that. However, there is a particular communication amongst black women that stretches worldwide that even if attempted by outsiders it will always seem flawed. Despite anyone else’s unasked, unpopular opinion about black women, I happen to love the skin that I am in and truly feel as we are one of the most overlooked discourse community in the world. Growing up, I always felt ashamed to be black because society had taught me that being black will not get you far. Until this course, I did not realize that I belonged to a community inside a community. After recognizing “what I am”, I began to think about all that goes into a black women not only in America but in the world. Countless “studies” have been

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