The Black And White Americans

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The idea that affluence in a capitalist society can be achieved through hard work and dedication regardless of the social and economic circumstances of the individual has been romanticized throughout history and entrenched in American thought culture. Private ownership is a hallmark of the “American Dream”, representing the opportunity for American citizens to achieve upward social mobility. Though America is famed for providing equality of opportunity to American citizens, a look at America 's past tells a different story. After spending 245 years in slavery accumulating wealth on behalf of white Americans, African Americans were denied the 40 acres and a mule promised to them by the United States government. Even in the absence of de…show more content…
I reasoned that a tax credit would make the tax system fairer, support home-ownership among families with lower incomes, and generate substantial revenues to fund asset-building programs for the poor. The problem with the tax credit policy is that it fails to break the lock-in because black Americans face discrimination in the housing markets even today, so blacks would not benefit from the tax credit policy as much as poor white Americans would. Anarcho-syndicalism is a political strategy that opposes exploitation and domination of the working class by replacing capitalism and government control with a voluntary socialist system, in which the working class is in control of property and the means of production through the formation of syndicate networks. If implemented correctly, anarcho-syndicalism stands to reduce the wealth gap between black and white Americans over the next 50 years. Capitalism does not support equality, rather it discriminates against individuals in a society based on class, which is based on occupation, income, and wealth; this is called social stratification. Black Americans have been racially stratified through many years of discrimination to the point where much of the black population belong to the poor working class. Whites, being that they were the first to occupy positions of power and own land, disproportionately make up the affluent ruling class. Capitalism is a profit-driven economic system where a small class of
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