The Black Belt Journey : My Black Belt Journey

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My Black Belt Journey
Rahul Ghosh My karate journey started when I was 4 years old. My parents enrolled me in a few activities including karate, piano, and later chess to foster growth and development. But, I wouldn’t know how much of an impact karate would have on my life at that age. My parents knew that karate taught discipline, confidence, self-defense, and most important of all, kindness and respect. But then again, why IBBA? Well, there are many other schools out there, but they do not require the same perseverance and resilience needed to get a black belt like IBBA. They do not have the same sense of family and friendship that you have at IBBA, for they are run like a business, not a true dojo.
Truly, I have learned countless lessons from IBBA. Firstly, I have learned to be confident. Without karate, I wouldn’t have been able to do many things at school. Once in third grade, I had to present a PowerPoint to my whole grade, including 75 kids, all the teachers in my grade, and the GT instructor, who was grading it. I couldn’t imagine doing this without the confidence karate instilled in me. Secondly, I have learned etiquette, discipline, and morals from karate. I have learned to respect everyone and treat everyone like a friend. During mat-chats, you learn many character qualities and manners that are essential to success. Finally, I have learned self-defense techniques that could be beneficial if anyone attacks me. Thanks to karate, if that dreadful day occurs
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