The Black Cat And The Tale Tell Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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Dark romantics shares many of the same characteristics as regular romatics; but in a more negative and creepy way. A dark romantic is usually always seen as a story that values intuition over logic and reason and thought that human events can have certain signs and symbols behind them. Edgar Allan Poe, an American author uses Dark Romanticism in his stories to attract the reader and show powerful feelings. In “The Black Cat” and “The Tale Tell Heart”, they both have many similar aspects but the main focus of these stories was the characters going through overwhelming emotions that lead to their future actions. The destructive power of guilt and remorse are emotions that are often experienced by humans in general, and the emotional and physical response to these emotions can be very powerful and misleading. In “The Black Cat” and the “Tale Tell Heart” Poe makes the character's have overwhelming and demented feelings of guilt. In “The Black Cat”, Poe makes the character have this feeling in one of the scenes when the narrator states “I grew, day by day, more moody, more irritable, more regardless of the feelings of others.”(6), these are the beginning stages of the man's hideous psychological transformation. The nature of the transformation depends on the story, here the transformation is altogether negative. This is very similar to the story “The Tale Tell Heart” when the narrator begins to go insane and obsess towards his housemate’s eye. It states, “I made up my mind to

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