The Black Lives Matter Protest

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Problem statement Racism has been in existence for a very long time, it did not start with East Tennessee State University. It can be dated back to the time of slavery, this gives us an understanding that the event that happened is more of a societal and historical problem. The Black Lives Matter protest The event that took place on the 28th of September 2016, was a heinous one in which students, faculty, staff and the community should learn from. The Black Lives Matter protest at East Tennessee State University was made in remembrance of blacks that have been murdered brutally by policemen and other people who believe that the people of color do not matter in the society. The protest took place at the Borchuck plaza and it was a peaceful demonstration which went on for days without disrupting anyone, until on Wednesday when it was reported that a freshman by the name, Tristan Rettke approached the protesters wearing a gorilla mask, barefooted. He had bananas hung on a rope, handling it to the protesters. The stunt pulled by the freshman was in an attempt to provoke the Black Lives Matter protest, apparently he was trying to get a reaction out of them which the protestors did not yield to. If they actually did lash out, then it would have been a different issue on that day. They exercised patience, thoughtfulness and strength while this offensive behavior was carried out by the student (Floyd, 2016). Tristan’s actions might have been a single action but he has expressed
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