The Black Panther Party : A Revolutionary Party Essay

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The Black Panther Party was a revolutionary party that was for the encroachment and prolongation of the Black community and the freedom of their social and economic rights that come with finally being recognized as first class citizens. The head of this revolution, Huey P. Newton, started the party along with Bobby Seale in order to set the path for the Black people to follow, even long after they pass. The constant struggle for social and economic freedom among the Black community would soon end, thanks to this sudden revolution and its well-prepared planning. With each small step of watching police officers and the paying for the bail of every person they followed to the jail, the Panthers were slowly, but surely, wearing down the walls of their racist and prejudiced prison. Using the Little Red Book and guns, along with the amazing power of numbers and the art of self-defense, the Black Panther Party transformed the Black revolution and made it into not only fighting racism and inequality, but also made it into a movement for the Black community to love themselves and their culture instead of wishing they were white so they would not have to go through what they were going through. Self-love, along with education and children, was one of the more important parts of the revolution because what is the point of getting to the top of a deep pit that you and your ancestors have climbed for centuries, only to take a single step and fall into another great pit, this deeper

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