Essay on The Black Panther Party

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     "There is nothing more dangerous than a large segment of people in society that feel that they have no place or stake in it, who feel they have nothing to lose. People who have stake in the society perpetuate that society, when they don't have it, they unconsciously want to destroy it."                                        Unknown       As a culture, we are told how to act, think, and speak among other things. We are taught to do what is considered "right" and if we…show more content…
For instance, there was a black FBI agent that knew he was being controlled and he commented that, "The United States was built on Capitalism and democracy and in democracy, the majority rules". He didn't reject the fact that he was being controlled, he accepted it and just decided to deal with it because he felt like he was a part of government that does the controlling. In the case of the Panthers they first recognized it and rejected it. In one scene Huey states, "They think they don't have to respect us because they think they can brutalize us and lock us up without a jury of pleas because we're ignorant to the laws. What we need to do is organize and keep our shit correct. Exercise our constitutional rights as citizens to defend ourselves and arm ourselves (Panther, 1995)." This was the basis of their agency. In a flyer passed out to prospective members they stated that they "want an end to the robbery by capitalists of our black community." And they wanted others to think about "how long they were going to cry about their oppression without standing up to do something about it." A police officer stated that they were "undermining the United States of America." That comment made it clear that they are controlled and controlling and that anything that isn't being controlled is considered

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