The Black Table Analysis

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Why The Black Table Is Not My Cup of Tea
What a man he is. Born December 25, 1962, Lawrence Otis Graham grew up in times of transition, when integration was quickly becoming society’s top priority but everyone’s prejudices were still fresh in their minds. Despite having to deal with societal bigotry, Lawrence Otis Graham rose above what he was, getting accepted into top schools such as Princeton University, Harvard University, and Harvard Law School, and achieving two of the most important aspects of the American Dream, Academic and Career success. He has served on the boards of Red Cross of Westchester, Boy Scouts of America, and the Council of Economic Priorities to name a few. He is an attorney and New York Times bestseller. One of his more famous articles as a writer is written in 1991 The Black Table in which he describes the conflict between integrating as an individual and self-segregating nature of groups in his school which in some way he insinuated continued the cycle of ignorance. It has been twenty six years since this article in the New York Times ran and a lot has changed. People no longer look at other people’s value based on the color of their skin, our children are thoroughly educated on the disgusting bigotry and ignorance that went on in our country not so long ago, and now more than ever, people of lower socio-economic groups are being given bigger and better opportunities to rise up and achieve their true potential. So why does Lawrence Otis

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