The Blacker The Berry, By Kendrick Lamar

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Still Fighting

Recently, in the United States, there have been more and more racially charged incidents, such as the Ferguson riots, the University of Missouri protests, etc. These two different types of events are compared to the two different ideologies of non-violent and violent protests. Examples of people who believed in each of these ideologies are Martin Luther King Jr. who used non-violent protest and Malcolm X who used violent protests. Kendrick Lamar who has had song that are on both sides of the spectrum from his song “I” which is more like Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent beliefs to “The Blacker the Berry” which is more like Malcolm X’s thinking of self-hatred. In light of many of these issues along with the fact that racism is still an issue, Kendrick Lamar released his critically acclaimed song “The Blacker the Berry” in February 2015. This racially-charged song celebrates Kendrick’s African American heritage, but also has an underlying theme of racialized self hatred. The song also discusses the ideas of racism, hatred, and hypocrisy throughout the song. Some of the things Kendrick mentions in the song show how the beliefs and the people have not changed from the “three distinct periods of racial terror: antebellum slavery, Jim Crow, and the mass incarceration of Black people in the prison-industrial complex” (Lindsey 236). The song also shares its name with 1929 novel, The Blacker the Berry by Wallace Thurmond, which deals with similar issues of

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