The Blind Side Movie

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The Blind Side is based on a true story of Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher. The movie was shot in 2009 and is rated pg-13 for brief violence, drug and sexual references. The movie faithfully represents the real life experience of the famed football star; it did not fail to raise eyebrows from both movie fans and critics. John Lee Hancock wrote and directed a box office hit that will have you crying with laughter and reacting with sorrow to every twist and turn along the way. Bring some Kleenex and get a box of popcorn and enjoy this heart filled true story of Michael Oher and his family. The Blind Side is about Michael Oher’s life and how he came from being homeless to living with the Tuohy family. It shows how Michael overcame adversities from not being able to read and coming from a drug infested neighborhood to learning how to be with a family who cared and would do anything to help him succeed. Watching the movie, one could see how Oher was able to rise above poverty and adversity and become left tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. John Hancock did an awesome job at choosing scenes to include in the film. The most relevant ones were picked and though it may only be a handful compared to what really happened, the scenes were very representative of the story. “The film skillfully plays on an audience’s emotions, but that’s what this sort of movie does, and director John Hancock shows a sure hand when it comes to careful manipulation. He rarely goes

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