The Blue Mask by Lou Reed

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Lou Reed’s, The Blue Mask

Although the visionary singer, song writer, Lou Reed, gained his fame in the 70’s, he reached the highest peak of his career with the album “The Blue Mask,” in which he explored the elements of human flaws. With this album, he stripped down from his dramatic work in the 70’s and explored new techniques along with his small, tight-knit band. “The Blue Mask” received excellent reviews from critics and consumers because it allowed listeners to have a personal connection with Reed and showed them a different side apart from the public persona. Overall, the achievements and praise were well deserved for the hard work he and his band put in.

Lou Reed, a New York native, attended the University of Syracuse and studied poetry and journalism. He later became the lead singer for the band, Velvet Underground during the 60’s. He is commonly known today as the one who started the punk rock era and “also brought a stormy dissonance to the foreground, helping to expand the vocabulary of the electric guitar” (Rolling Stone Bio). He broke away from his partnership with Velvet Underground and headed for England in pursuit of a solo career. Over a decade later, he released the album, The Blue Mask.

The Blue Mask was under the direction of RCA Records and was originally distributed on a 12 inch vinyl stereo gramophone record. RCA Records owned the phonographic copyrights, as well as regular copyrights. Lou Reed produced the entire album with the help of

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