The Blues, A Genre Of Music

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Does one have to be black and from the south to play the blues?

The blues, a genre of music so well known and so universal, that one knows is associated with black culture; and forever connected to it. However, some may argue that not anyone can play the blues and blues is only black music. That being said, does it matter what the skin color of an individual may be to play the blues? In contrast I strongly believe anyone can play the blues because music is the purest form of creativity and communication.
The reality is that today it is seen it all over, countless of people from many parts of the globe perform this genre of music known as The Blues. It is played by the millions and by many different races some of which are not from the south; but is it wrong for them to play it? Certain individuals may believe that playing the blues, one has to be black to even be considered. There is an individual who argues that one needs to really have The Blues to play them and it is only black music. (Harris, 2015 n.p) On the other hand I would consider that the culture or race of the performer does not matter. People from all races and backgrounds experience the blues, this genre of music has become universal; it is a part of world music now. it is wonderful to think that a genre of music once viewed as wrong or barbaric has become so well popularized and loved.
When one thinks of the blues one almost always pictures a lone black man in his guitar singing his troubles away.

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