The Bluest Eyes By Toni Morriss

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Draft When I was 5 years old I wanted nothing then to be white. I wanted the blonde hair and blue eyes, I wanted nothing to be pretty like the girls on tv. I wanted to look like the girls in the movie that always got the boy at the end they were usually white. I was always angry because my skin was darker then most of my family that my skin was closer to white. My sister who I thought was blessed with her light skin called herself white. I didn 't understand it at first and just thought she just didn 't know any better. It wasn 't until I got old that I realized my sister never identified as black. She too thought that white was a dominant trait, a trait of beauty and a trait that she wished she had. In the book ' The Bluest Eyes…show more content…
Even though she can 't pinpoint where her ugliness is she can pinpoint what people find attractive. When we are first introduced to Pecola she is awe at the narrator’s(Claudia) sister (Frieda) Cup. The cup has a picture of Shirley Temple. The cute button noses girl with the curly blond hair that took all of our hearts with dancing and singing. I 'm the passage it states “... white Shirley temple cup. She was a long time with the milk and gazed fondly at the silhouette of Shirley Temple’s dimpled face. Frieda and She had loving conversation about how cu-ute Shirley Temple was.”(Bluest Eyes, Morris pg. 19) Pecola ready had it on her mind that Shirley Temple was beautiful, that Shirley Temple was the beauty standard and that she was not. At a young age Pecola realized that she might not be seen as pretty this a issue that can be seen quite often in the black community. In 2011 a young lady heard a small child declare herself hate a girl no older than 5 years old stated “mommy I want to be white; I don 't want to be brown anymore” (source 5, Courtney) as horrifying as it may seem most children don 't understand why they are black when white people seem to get more things in life. The media shows nothing but white people winning in life and black people be portrayed as thugs, killers and lazy. Even in movies and tv shows we are seen as villains while white people are given this essence

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