The Body And The Outer Environment

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The skin is the main interface between the body and the outer environment.
The skin is a functional barrier with unique anatomic and physiologic features.
The following essay will provides an overview of the key elements of the skin’s structure and functions to provide an in-depth understanding on the skins biology and how to apply this knowledge to the beauty industry.

Knowledge of skin structure and promotion of skin health

Function and role of the skin

1.1 Explain the Integumentary system

The integumentary system covers the whole body and is made up of several layers.The integumentary system consists of the skin and its derivatives including hair, glands, nails and specialised receptors
 Outer skin
 Superficial fascia
 Dermis
 Hair
 Sweat gland
 Stratum corneum
 Hair follicle
 Sebaceous gland
 Adipose tisssue
 Pacinian corpuscles
 smooth muscle
 Nerve

1.2 Function and role of the skin

The human skin its self is an organ. The skin is in fact the largest organ of the body. The skin provides the body with a tough, flexible covering, with many different however important functions.
 Protection
 Sensation
 Heat regulation
 Excretion
 Absorption
 Immunity
 Vitamin D synthesis

1.3 The main functions of the skin, explain the basis for dividing the epidermis into strata. List and describe each stratum

The main functions of the skin include the following:

 Protection - The skin provides
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