The Body Is The Minds Gateway To The Outside World. The

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The body is the minds gateway to the outside world. The passages The Phaedo and The Republic both talk about obtaining true knowledge and the issues that arrive from the body. In both of these, Plato talks through Socrates to explain philosophical viewpoints to the reader. In The Phaedo, the reader gets an account of the some of the final hours of Socrates life before his death. During this time, he discuss the relationship between the body and mind, and rationalizes that the body is merely a distraction from the truth. On the other hand, The Republic discuss how even though the body can provide distractions, philosophers can be able to reach towards the truth through harmony between the parts that make up a person. Thus, by examining…show more content…
From nutrition to entertainment, the body is always in need of something. Likewise, the body can provide inaccurate depictions of reality. An example of this could be a mirage in the desert. The body may think it is seeing something, but in fact the sense are perceiving a false image. According to Socrates in the Phaedo, all these things can take away from a philosopher’s ability to reason and obtain the truth. Likewise, this same Idea also persists in the Republic. Plato argues that things like drama, poetry and painting provide imitations to the truth. These imitation can pose a threat by being allies for ‘inferior’ parts of the mind and leading mind away from truth (Sabina, 7). Although, to counter these arguments Morris states that even if the reality that is being sensed is inaccurate, it does not mean that it cannot be apprehended at all; it is still possible to understand reality, even if the reality being taken in is not entirely correct (Morris, 11). Some reality, even if incorrect, is better than nothing at all (Morris, 11). Granted, at the same time philosophers must be cautious not to fully believe everything being sense. This is why the Socratic Method is so important. Everything, even the truth, must be questioned to full understand the world.
Even if a person knows that he/she want to control their body that may not always happen. According, to the Republic, instead of looking at humans as two halves, the mind
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