The Book ' Labor And Legality : An Ethnography Of A Mexican Immigrant Network ' By Ruth Gomberg Munoz

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The book ‘Labor and Legality: An Ethnography of a Mexican Immigrant Network’ by Ruth Gomberg-Munoz explains the hardships that surround the Mexican immigrant network. Over the years the ‘undocumented’ workers coming to America from Mexico has increased which has gained the attention of the American government and the media, as it is ‘illegal behavior’. Gomberg-Munoz attempts to create an understanding of the lives of these workers by telling individual’s personal stories. The author reports the workers undocumented lives rather than reviewing their status as this is already covered in society. The author’s main topic revolves around the principle that undocumented workers strive to improve their quality of life by finding employment in the United States (Gomberg-Munoz 9). Gomberg Munoz also presents the daily struggles the works face daily, and how these struggles “deprives them of meaningful choice and agency” which effects their opportunity and futures (Gomberg-Munoz 9). This ethnography shows their social identities through work, the reasons why their position is illegal and how they live their everyday lives under the circumstances. Gomberg-Munoz discusses labor migration and how it has not come about due to a lack of economic development in Mexico, it’s rather that the there is “uneven development” (Gomberg-Munoz 27). The author suggests that globalization has had direct effects on the Mexican workers, for example the stereotypes people have on them such as

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