The Book Make Lemonade By Virginia Euwer Wolff The Environment

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Environment Effect In life many experience hardship. We live in a world where for some have to work so hard everyday just to survive society. In the book Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff the environment isn 't stable for a lot of people. There is poverty and crime surrounding the area and this makes it hard on everyone to be, and feel secure in their own environment. Throughout the book Jolly’s and LaVaughn’s environment changes involuntarily. Once they both accept what they can and cannot control their environments effect begins to be positive.
Before the book takes place both Jolly and LaVaughn had a different environment growing up. Their environment shaped them to be the people we met in the beginning of the book. In the beginning of the book LaVaughn shares a memory from when she was little with her mom. In this memory when LaVaughn asked her mom if she could go to college her mom said, “Nobody in this building... ever went to college, nobody in my family... somebody got to be the first right?” From this moment on LaVaughn’s main priority was to get good grades so that she could get into college, and LaVaughn’s mom’s priority was to make sure LaVaughn worked hard for good grades. This moment and the impact of this moment shaped who LaVaughn is in the beginning of the book. Also when talking about her life now and as a child LaVaughns says, “... we pay our rent exactly on time and we have insurance benefits from her (LaVaughn’s mom) job and we go to the

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