The Book Twilight, By Anne Deavere Smith Is Based On The

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The book Twilight, by Anne Deavere Smith is based on the interviews of 48 individuals who lived through the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. The people interviewed for the book twilight came from all walks of life, ranging from Politicians, Police Officers, Scholars, Gang Members, Activist, Business Owner’s and even Victims. Jacqueline O’Conner wrote “By collecting interviews from a wide range of riot participants along with comments from prominent members of various communities both inside and outside the events, she gained a solid reputation for contributing to race debates by blending the words she gathers … that seeks to connect on an individual level.” (O’Conner 161) The problem that I see with Twilight is that even though Anne Deavere …show more content…

Aristotle’s view was that art should not focus on a message but rather the elements i.e. language, harmony, rhyme, thought, song, character, plot, and diction in order to satisfy the audience 's expectations. Therefore, art is a means to an end. Marxism is a theory proposed by Karl Marx that focuses on the distinction between the classes, an ideology that society is split between the upper class (Bourgeoisie) who are the world leaders and business owners that control most of the wealth in the world, they are referred to as the 1% of society, they own the goods and materials used by the working class. The lower class (Proletariats) consists of the working class. Which is everyone who works for someone else, and needs to work to survive in a society set forth by the Bourgeoisie, they strive to achieve the American Dream and become part of the upper class but sadly are unable to attain it. At the bottom of the classes are the (Lumpen Prole) who are the undesirables of society, consisting of beggars, degenerates, and criminals, people who rely on the generosity of others or the aid of the government to survive in society. There is a constant struggle between those that have and those

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