Essay on The Book of Genesis Sets the Stage for the Bible

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The Book of Genesis has served as a work of literature to the western civilization for the past two-thousand years. The word Genesis simply means “origins” or “beginnings”. This book sets the stage for the bible, telling us of God’s ultimate plan for humanity. It also speaks about the nature of God as creator and redeemer as well as the value of human life. Consequences for disobedience and sin are shown; separating man from God. We will also see the promise of salvation and forgiveness of man due to God’s grace. However, what does the book of Genesis say about the portrayal of women? From the very beginning of Genesis, in the description of the Eden story, tension arises between Eve and the divine process. Eve is tricked by the serpent …show more content…

After the seven years, Jacob goes to Laban and asks for Rachel’s hand. Laban instead tricks Jacob and gives his eldest daughter Leah. Jacob finds out the next morning and is then tricked again into working another seven years so he can marry Rachel. Jacob is then married to both women. Jacob loved Rachel and despised Leah and because of this, God made Rachel barren. Jacob continued to hate Leah until she conceived and bare him four sons. Rachel begins to feel worthless because she cannot give her husband any children. Rachel comes up with a plan to give Jacob children. Bilhah, Rachel’s maid is offered to Jacob by his wife to carry his child. Bilhah conceives and bare Jacob another son. All throughout Genesis, a woman’s value relies on her ability to conceive and her subservience to her husband. Women are never allowed to travel alone and must remain under their father or their husband’s authority. As a whole, the women in Genesis are portrayed as obstacles to dominant goals due to nonfulfillment of roles. Since Rachel and Leah both offered up their maids to Jacob to bare children, Jacob ends up with four wives. Polygamy is documented throughout the Bible and there is no evidence of disapproval from God portrayed.. However, when we talk about marriage today, using the Bible as reference, it is said that it needs to be between one man and one woman. God is looking

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