The Boston Tea Party Was A Fair Protest By The Colonists

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I believe that the Boston Tea Party was a fair protest by the colonists because the King of England was using the colonists for profit, and not treating them like real people by not listening to their outcries for help. Thus, the Boston Tea Party was the only way to get the King’s attention and bring attention to how unfair the acts were to other colonists.

What did the Tea Act say? (1) The Tea Act said two things. First, it stated that the amount of actions needed to go through customs would be reduced for anyone exporting tea to the British colonies as said in the fifth paragraph of the act, “…and to export such tea to any of the British colonies or plantations in America, or to foreign parts, discharged from the payment of any customs or duties whatsoever; any thing in the said recited act, or any other act to the contrary notwithstanding.”(SFI 1, This part of the act was an attempt to save the nearly bankrupt East India Company, which had played a big role in the British victory over France in the Seven Year War by taking over multiple French settlements. The second thing the act stated was that there would be a new tax on the tea for the American colonists. The British thought that because the act would actually reduce the price of tea, even with the tax, the American colonists would accept this new act. The act backfired and actually just fueled the colonist’s anger toward the British Crown as they were being taxed without

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