The Boundary Of The Yakama Nation Reservation

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The boundary of the Yakama Nation Reservation is considered home to different culturally diverse populations. Parenting skills and teaching can vary dramatically from each of those unique households. The diverse populations come with varying levels of what is considered appropriate child rearing practices. “Child abuse intakes are increasing due to families from Mexico coming here to the US and the standards are different” (Ruiz, 2015). Pilar Ruiz is a Social Worker at Children’s Administration assigned to the Child Protective Services. Families migrate to the area and they carry different perspectives on parenting and may not understand the expectations of Washington State and Child Abuse Laws. It is not only migrant families that need additional support. Families that have been here for many years have traditional practices that may cross the line when it comes to child abuse and neglect. These families that are located in this area need the additional support of increasing family bonds, healthy parenting, life skills, bonding, and reducing violence and substance abuse.
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Establishing positive parenting skills within the community will assist the parents in gaining new alternatives to their current practices. “Often we get the same families that are repeat offenders or they never really learn their ways of parenting are not acceptable” (Ruiz, 2015). Providing the “Strong Families” curriculum will reduce the number of children that are

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