The Boy Who Changed Us

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Victor is a boy who just started seventh grade. Victor likes this girl named Teresa, he has decided that he wanted her to be his girlfriend this year ,so he was going to do anything to get her. Victor and I are similar in different ways. Victor and I haved changed ourselves in some way so people could like us or become friends with us. Victor and I have embarrassed ourselves in front of many people. Victor and I have also agreed to help people in things that they wasn't good in and so weren't we but they didn't know.

Victor and I have changed ourselves so other people could like us, either it was how we look, how we act, or what are appearance was. On page 38 line 20-30 Victor friend Michael had read his older brother magazine and the magazine had boy models with girls under there arm with a scowl on there face. Michael and Victor thought it was cool so they thought they could get girls if they posed like the models, …show more content…

On page 41 line 130-150 Victor’s french teacher Mr.Bueller asked is anybody knew french in his class and Victor raised his hand but he really didn't know french, he only raised his hand because he wanted to impress Teresa since she was in his french class. Mr.Bueller asked Victor a question in french but of course he didn't know what Mr.Bueller asked. Victor didn't answer so Mr.Bueller asked another question so Victor tried to make up some sentence that sounded french like. Mr.Bueller didnt hear what Victor said so he told him to repeat and Victor did and when he did that's when Mr.Bueller knew that Victor didn't know french so he just moved on. Victor felt so embarrassed after that, like he wanted to go hide in a hole. I have been embarrassed multiple times but the most recent one was in a volleyball game. I was on a roll with my serving and people was cheering me on but then i missed one serve and i was really embarrassed because people was rooting for me and i

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