The Brazilian Family

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Introduction The Brazilian family is a distinctive culture with a strong focus on values and family structure. In this paper we will discuss the geographical setting, birthing practices, the family structure and family functions and mate selection and marriage Practices of the Brazilian family. In addition, the paper will also emphasize the Brazilian families strengths. Geographical Setting Brazil is located in South America. It comprises half the area of South America and has a total surface area of 3,287,612 square miles. Brazil borders with all other South American countries except Chile and Ecuador. Brazil is as large as the United States but with an extra Texas thrown in it. Brazil has no great lakes, but it does have the Amazon, which is the largest river in the world in the volume of water and are drained (Hunnicutt, 1949). Brazil has five marked ecosystems, which include the tropical rainforest, the Pantanal (tropical wetland), the Cerrado (tropical savannah), Mata Atlantica (Atlantic forest) and the pampas (Fertile plains). Brazil also has a large number of mountains that range from 6,000 to 9,000 feet above sea level. None of these mountains are covered in snow, although snow occasionally falls on certain parts of Brazil. Most rivers have their origins in mountain ranges and that is why mountains are important in the life of Brazil (Hunnicutt, 1949). Mountains also determine the climate of a country. Brazil has three distinct climates, which are the
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