The Bright Blue Danger

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Have you ever noticed how colorful the seaworld is? Living things such as fishes, aquatic plants, corals, sharks, whales, and etc make up our underwater world. Presenting different characteristics, all of them have their own way of contributing in the sea’s life and beauty. However, everything has its danger and darker side. Australian culture has a belief that when something its too colorful it should have a "tell tale" sign of "Danger! Do not touch!" One example of beautiful and colorful creatures though dangerous are the sea slugs. Having its own color to grab attention, the sea slugs are animals which are fatal to human beings and other aquatic animals. There are various ways that this creatures defend themselves in the ocean. One possibility stated by scientists is the camouflage, due to the mixture of their colors, but one of the main means of defence in sea slugs is to have distasteful, sometimes toxic, chemicals stored in the body. Considered one of the most dangerous sea slugs now a days, the Blue Sea Slug float on the surface of the ocean being carried by the currents and the winds. Most people do not know about its existing, only when days of onshore winds blow great fleets of them on to the beaches, causing pain for swimmers. The Blue Sea Slug, scientifically named Glaucus atlanticus, make its way through temperate and tropical waters all around the world. According to the EOL encyclopedia, it can reach up-to-3-centimeter-long flattened body and spends its

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