The Bristish Versus the American Political System

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“Democracy is supposed to give you the feeling of choice, like painkiller X and Y. But they’re both just aspirin.” Defining democracy itself is a formidable task. What is democracy? I would simply label it as equality; however is everyone in the world politically equal? Nor America or Britain are fully democratic, nevertheless to my disappointment I firmly believe that the British political system is massively more open to corruption than the Americans and we should be taking advice from our foreign cousins.
Democracy has become a war on modern day society and previous civilisations; it is still a hot topic and is still causing issues within our lives and others abroad. Within the United Kingdom the current Prime Minister can set the date of election as long as it doesn’t exceed five years. Contrasting this, in the United States the election dates are fixed for: two; four; or six years. The American system is clearly the fairer of the two as the Prime Minister could schedule the election for when they’re having positive publicity. This in turn shows that the American political system is superior to ours as politicians are more liable and not camouflaged from their fate.
Secondly the separation of powers that are conditioned within the American constitution, simply meaning how much power separate people have within the establishment. The fact that Congress (the national legislative body of the United States, consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives)

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