The Business Logic Of Sustainability

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Resource Management


Term I 2016

Lecturer: Dr. Maurice Judd

Assignment 1
(Critique 1)
The business logic of sustainability

Due: 3rd May 2016

Student Name: Vandana Trivedi
Student ID : S2153219 Contents-
 Introduction
 Summary
 Methodology
 Critical Assessment
 Conclusion
 References
This is a critique about the business logic of sustainability introduced by Ray Anderson who is a businessman of a carpet producing company. He completed his graduation in the year 1956 and having 52 years business experience he presented his ideas about how to get profit by industrial production without harming nature and climate. He has also described about how to decrease pollution rather than multiplying as he already applied his ideas about sustainability in his business and have been honoured as ‘American greenest CEO’ for last 5 years in 1999. As per Anderson human being produces major causes of nature pollution and imbalanced climate. But being a human being it’s our duty to make nature balanced and give tomorrow’s child a better future.
Here we are looking at business sustainability from all aspects that is socially, economically, environmentally and institutionally as well, to apply sustainability in every field of life. So here we can see a prism of sustainability which has four dimensions- social, economic, environmental and institutional.
Let’s know about sustainability first-
Sustainability means ‘the ability to
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