The Business Of Amateur Sports

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The Business of Amateur Sports
The commercialization of college athletics has created a strain on universities to move beyond simply providing an education in exchange for participation in sports. Proponents of paying athletes fail to understand college is about education. Creating or changing the current system which relies on playing for pride, would create vulnerabilities in how schools recruit, offer scholarships, and create institutions of learning. Students have complained schools have been making money off the hard work of the students. This argument is contrary to the responsibilities which the NCAA has to all college athletes. Creating a pay for play system, the spirit of college sports is lost. Add to the complications that are …show more content…

Nocera offers an idea to operate the NCAA with a salary cap system. By limiting the amount of money available to athletic programs, the college would use the fixed amount to recruit players above the amount of money invested in a student’s education. A salary cap system at first appears to be straight forward until the argument addresses sports outside of mainstream audiences.
Nocera’s idea of a salary cap supports Marx’s argument of pay for play athletes. The concerns are the fair and equitable application of such an argument. “Title IX requires that female and male student-athletes receive athletics scholarship dollars proportional to their participation(NCAA). This provision creates a fair system to apply scholarship funds throughout collegiate sports within a school. The addition of compensation will create an imbalanced system that rewards a select student group beyond a more diverse student body that participates in sports.
Money as the motivator undermines the value of the education received by student athletes. Allowing schools to provide an education in exchange for participation in sports is fair compensation to the overall student body. Only three sports generate revenue for athletic programs, football as well as men’s and women’s basketball. Having such great interest focused on a small portion of collegiate sports, colleges with limited funds will be pressured

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